About Club Media Arts

Aim: To create the creators of media Industry, cinema and Music etc.

Mission: To teach, share, gain knowledge in the field of media and music and act as a platform to motivate and create the creators 

Motto: To Create Successful Creators, who are the pillars of tomorrows nation.


Club Media Arts was inaugurated in 2015, June which is fully supported by Rathinam College of Arts and Science. we make events, short film, Albums, Corporate Ad, Feature Film, Documentary, Public Service Advertisement etc. we also have our own Music Band in the club, where members of the club learn, teach, and create. 

Club Media Arts is running successfully with the help and guidance of our college CEO., Prof., R. Manickam Rathinam Group of Institution.

Principal Dr. S. Balasubramanian, Rathinam College of Arts and Science

Staff In charge Mr. T. Joseph Raju is the Coordinator for the Club Media Arts.