Club Media Arts
Club for the creators

Club Media Arts - In Charge 

Club Media Arts Staff In charge Mr. T. Joseph Raju

Student President - Mr. Durai Arasan Loganathan  

Student Vice President - 

Event Coordinator / Public Relation Officer CMA - Durai Arasan Loganathan

Music Band In Charge - Mr. Subin

Keyboard : Santosh S

Drums: Naga

Club Media Arts - Club Members

Promoting Head - Yugesh Kumar R

Creative Photographers  - Mr. T Hari Prakash,  Mr. V. Aakash. 

Marketing and Promoting Head -Mr. A  Ram Mukhil 

Independent Writer - Yugesh Kumar R, Dayana Suresh

Updates: Club media arts meeting will be held every week on Tuesday, Thursday, @ 04:00 pm in Rathinam Campus room no G08.
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